Econ 204, Mathematical Tools for Economists, Summer/Fall 2015

I will closely follow Chris Shannon's 204 slides/lecture notes/handouts from 2011, which you can find at Chris Shannon's Econ 204 (2011) website. Any updated materials and problem sets will be made available below in the current website. You can access additional material from the past three years here.


Updated Slides

Lecture 1 Slides

Problem Sets

Problem Set 1 due Friday July 31 in class (Solutions)
Problem Set 2 due Tuesday August 4 in class (Solutions)
Problem Set 3 due Friday August 7 in class (Solutions)
Problem Set 4 due Tuesday August 11 in class (Solutions)
Problem Set 5 due Friday August 14 in class (Solutions)
Problem Set 6 due Wednesday August 19 in class (Solutions)

The Final Exam

Final Exam (Solutions)