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Economics Faculty

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University of California, Berkeley

Department of Economics
549 Evans Hall # 3880
Berkeley, CA 94720-3880

(510) 642-0822

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Last modified on 11/2/2000

E. Morris Cox Professor of Economics and 2000 Nobel Laureate
Director, Econometrics Laboratory

The photos below are fairly large jpeg files, and make take a while to download by modem. If you click on the thumbnails, you'll see the full size photo. These are all interior shots and fairly dark, so are not of the best quality, but Dan's friends may enjoy viewing them nevertheless.

Daniel McFadden:
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Press Releases:
UC Berkeley
Nobel Prize Committee
SF Chronicle 10/12/00 (PDF) & 10/14/00 (PDF)
Chronicle Photos, 10/12/00: 1 2 [Photos reprinted with the kind permission of the SF Chronicle.]
Daily Californian (PDF) Oakland Tribune (PDF)
Berkeley Daily Planet (PDF)
Contra Costa Times (PDF)
SJ Mercury News (PDF)
LA Times (PDF)
Berkeleyan (PDF)

Daniel McFadden, Jr. and mommy Stephanie (Mrs. Raymond McFadden). Grandpa may have a medal, but I've got a breadstick!

Grandma Bev and Danny, Jr.

Rev. Mineo and Mrs. Nobu Katagiri and daughter Iao. Nobu typed Dan's 2-volume production economics book on a real typewriter. Iao was Dan's RA and is now a DVP at RAND.

Nancy Hall (Economics) and Kathleen Maclay (Public Affairs).

Rick Kawin (SCF) and Ofer Licht (formerly of SCF) and their friends, getting to know Mui Ho and Bill Hocker.

Jeff and Jackie Dubin with Dan. Jeff is a former student who is now at Caltech.

Economics Chair Maury Obstfeld entertaining the crowd with McFadden anecdotes.

A dapper Kenneth Arrow (Stanford, Economics), himself a Nobel Laureate, giving a short history of Dan's contributions to economics.

Browyn Hall (UCB, Economics), Larry Lau (Stanford, Economics), and Kenneth Train (UCB, Economics). Bronwyn was once a programmer for Dan, and now teaches economics at UCB. Kenneth was a former student of Dan's, now teaches economics at UCB, and continues to collaborate with Dan on choice modeling research interests.

Greg Duncan, former McFadden student and now Sr. VP of NERA and Jeff Perloff (UCB, ARE).

Kenneth Arrow (even Nobel Laureates have to refer to crib sheets).

Two clowns. Oops, I mean, Chris Murano, who used to be a McFadden programmer, and Bradley Itokazu (Grace Katagiri's husband, who likes to drink Dan's wine).

Ofer and Adina (left) and Rick and Alice (right). In the middle, Carla Atkins and Graham Patterson (UCB, Economics NT sysadmin). Graham spends most of his time rebuilding computer systems that Dan manages to crash.

Nobu Katagiri (Grace's mom) sharing stories about Dan with Angelica Goett. Angelica's husband, Andy, was one of Dan's students.

Ofer and Kenneth mugging for the camera.

Bronwyn Hall and Larry Lau.

Tu Jarvis (UCD, Agriculural Economics) and his wife, Marisita (left), chatting with Tom Rothenberg (UCB, Economics), with Bronwyn Hall on the right.

Kenneth Arrow, Dan McFadden, and Larry Lau. Looks like Stanford has got Berkeley surrounded.

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Duncan flanking Whitney Newey (MIT, Economics). What's so funny?

Danny's comment on the Nobel: "pfffeee".

I said what?!

A gaggle of happy McFaddens and Simbolis. Open your eyes, Grandma Bev!

OK, that's better!

We need more people in this group shot! Kenneth Arrow and Li Gan are happy to oblige. Li is a former student of Dan's now teaching at the University of Texas.

Dan talking with Phoebe Cottingham and Li Gan.

Li and Dan.

Phoebe and Dan. He says "she started it all."

Whitney and Greg.
Our thanks to our hosts, which were the Department of Economics, Institute of Business and Economic Research, Econometrics Laboratory, and National Economic Research Associates (NERA). If you can identify yourself in a photo, please send me email and let me know who you are so I can add you to the caption (identify the photo by number of rows down and columns across). Thanks very much.

- Grace Katagiri

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