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Economics Faculty

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University of California, Berkeley

Department of Economics
549 Evans Hall # 3880
Berkeley, CA 94720-3880

(510) 642-0822

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Last modified on 04/26/2001

E. Morris Cox Professor of Economics and 2000 Nobel Laureate
Director, Econometrics Laboratory

PHOTOS: The photos are fairly large jpeg files, and make take a while to download by modem. If you click on the thumbnails, you'll see the full size photo. There are photos are from the press conference in the morning of October 11, followed by a reception in the afternoon; photos of a Novemer 1 reception of family and friends; and photos of the Nobel Week festivities in Stockholm (12/6-14/00).

Press Releases:
UC Berkeley
Nobel Prize Committee
Chronicle 10/12/00 (PDF) & 10/14/00 (PDF)
Chronicle Photos, 10/12/00: 1 2
[Photos reprinted with the kind permission of the
SF Chronicle.]

Daily Californian (PDF)
Oakland Tribune (PDF)
Berkeley Daily Planet (PDF)
Contra Costa Times (PDF)
SJ Mercury News (PDF)
LA Times (PDF)
Berkeleyan 10/00 (PDF)
Berkeleyan 11/00 (PDF)
IBER Bulletin (PDF)
Napa Register 3/01
North Carolina State University 4/24/01

Daniel McFadden:
Home Page
Curriculum Vitae

Chancellor's Announcement

California Monthly Magazine 12/00

"Last week, after the Sooners beat Texas 63-14, University of Oklahoma president David Boren canceled classes for Monday. That sounded reasonable to us. We also thought that after Cal economics prof Daniel McFadden won the Nobel Prize, the Bears should have cancelled football practice the next day." --Tom FitzGerald, in his "Top of the Sixth" sports column, 10/16/00, SF Chronicle

"'With all due respect to Professor Daniel McFadden,' says Cal fan David Crowe of Moss Beach, 'can we give back the Nobel for a victory over Stanford?'" --Tom FitzGerald, in his "Top of the Sixth" sports column, 10/17/00, SF Chronicle