Justin McCrary

Paul J. Evanson Professor of Law
Columbia University

Faculty Research Associate
National Bureau of Economic Research

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Justin McCrary

Working Papers

A Fractional Solution to a Stock Market Mystery

(with Robert P. Barlett and Maureen O'Hara)

The Market Inside the Market: Odd-Lot Quotes

(with Robert P. Barlett and Maureen O'Hara)


Valid t-ratio Inference for IV

(with David S. Lee, Marcelo Moreira, and Jack Porter)

Forthcoming, American Economic Review

A Practical Proactive Proposal for Dealing with Attrition: Alternative Approaches and an Empirical Example

(with John DiNardo, Jordan Matsudaira, and Lisa Sanbonmatsu )

Journal of Labor Economics, Volume 39, Number S2, April 2021

The Impact of the Coronavirus Lockdown on Domestic Violence

(with Sarath Sanga )

American Law and Economics Review, Volume 23, Issue 1, Spring 2021

Subsidizing Liquidity with Wider Ticks: Evidence from the Tick Size Pilot Study

(with Bobby Bartlett; Updated December 2019)

Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, Volume 17, Issue 2, June 2020

Why We Need Police

(with Deepak Premkumar)

Chapter 3 in Cambridge Handbook of Policing in the United States, Cambridge University Press, June 2019

A Reconsideration of Copyright's Term

(with Kristelia A. Garcia)

Alabama Law Review, Volume 71, Issue 2, 2019, pp. 351-406

How Rigged Are Stock Markets?: Evidence From Microsecond Timestamps

(with Bobby Bartlett)
Journal of Financial Markets, Volume 45, September 2019, pp. 37-60

Dark Trading at the Midpoint: Does SEC Enforcement Policy Encourage Stale Quote Arbitrage?

(with Bobby Bartlett)
Journal of Law, Finance, and Accounting, Volume 4, Issue 2, 2019, pp. 291-342

Are U.S. Cities Underpoliced? Theory and Evidence

(with Aaron Chalfin)
Review of Economics and Statistics, Volume 100, Issue 1, March 2018
Raw data
Program to produce last row of Table 3 +associated log file
Web Appendix
Previous (long) version
NBER version
City-by-City Ranking for all 242 Cities

Unmarked? Criminal Record Clearing and Employment Outcomes

(with Jeff Selbin and Joshua Epstein)
Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, Volume 108, Number 1, 2017

Criminal Deterrence: A Review of the Literature

(with Aaron Chalfin)
Journal of Economic Literature, Volume 55, Number 1, March 2017 (lead article)

The Deterrence Effect of Prison: Dynamic Theory and Evidence

(with David S. Lee)
Advances in Econometrics, 2017, Volume 38
2018 Emerald Literati Award, Outstanding Author Contribution
A previous version of this paper circulated as
Crime, Punishment, and Myopia, NBER Working Paper 11491
and a highly similar draft circulated under the title listed above

Conservative Tests Under Satisficing Models of Publication Bias

(with Garret Christensen and Daniele Fanelli)
PLOS One, Volume 11, Number 2, February 22, 2016

The Ph.D. Rises in American Law Schools, 1960-2011: What Does it Mean for Legal Education?

(with Joy Milligan and James Phillips)
Journal of Legal Education, Volume 65, Number 543, Spring 2016

New Evidence on the Finite Sample Properties of Propensity Score Matching and Reweighting Estimators

(with Matias Busso and John DiNardo)
Review of Economics and Statistics, Volume 96, Number 5, December 2014
Web Appendices from Previous Versions: Parts I (1.8M), II (9.9M)
Old version with CPS example

Measuring Benchmark Damages in Antitrust Litigation

(with Daniel Rubinfeld)
Journal of Econometric Methods, Volume 3, January 2014

Do Sexually Violent Predator Laws Violate Double Jeopardy or Substantive Due Process? An Empirical Inquiry

(with Tamara Rice Lave)
Brooklyn Law Review, Volume 78, Summer 2013, Number 4, 1391-1439

General Equilibrium Effects of Prison on Crime: Evidence from International Comparisons

(with Sarath Sanga)
Cato Papers on Public Policy, Volume 2, 2012

The Effect of Female Education on Fertility and Infant Health: Evidence from School Entry Laws Using Exact Date of Birth

(with Heather Royer)
American Economic Review, Volume 101, Number 1, February 2011
Programs are available here, but we are not free to disseminate the data.

Incomes in South Africa after the Fall of Apartheid

(with Murray Leibbrandt and Jim Levinsohn)
Journal of Globalization and Development, Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2010

Dynamic Perspectives on Crime

Chapter 4 in Handbook of the Economics of Crime, Edward Elgar, 2010

Following Germany's Lead: Using International Monetary Linkages to Estimate the Effect of Monetary Policy on the Economy

(with Julian di Giovanni and Till von Wachter)
Review of Economics and Statistics, Volume 91, Number 2, May 2009

Manipulation of the Running Variable in the Regression Discontinuity Design: A Density Test

Journal of Econometrics, Volume 142 , Issue 2, February 2008
Stata code is here

The Effect of Court-Ordered Hiring Quotas on the Composition and Quality of Police

American Economic Review, Volume 97, Number 1, March 2007

Using Electoral Cycles in Police Hiring to Estimate the Effect of Police on Crime: Comment

American Economic Review, Volume 92, Number 4, September 2002
Data available at: http://emlab.berkeley.edu/replications/mccrary/index.html

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