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New and recently revised papers:

-        The Development Gap in Economic Rationality, with Alexander Cappelen, NHH, Erik Sørensen, NHH, and Bertil Tungodden, NHH. Version: Oct 19, 2020.

-        The Distributional Preferences of Americans, 2013-2016, with Ray Fisman, Boston University, Pamela Jakiela, Center for Global Development, and Silvia Vannutelli, Boston University. Version: Aug 31, 2020.

-        Linking Social and Personal Preferences: Theory and Experiment, with Bill Zame, UCLA, Bertil Tungodden, NHH, Erik Sørensen, NHH, and Alexander Cappelen, NHH). Revise and resubmit Journal of Political Economy. Version: Apr 4, 2020.