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New and recently revised papers:

-        The Development Gap in Economic Rationality, with Alexander Cappelen, NHH, Erik Sørensen, NHH, and Bertil Tungodden, NHH. Version: Jan 5, 2021.

-        The Response of Consumer Spending to Changes in Gasoline Prices, with Michael Gelman, Claremont McKenna, Yuriy Gorodnichenko, UC Berkeley Dmitri Koustas, University of Chicago, Matthew Shapiro, University of Michigan, Dan Silverman, ASU, and Steven Tadelis, UC Berkeley. Version: Nov 23, 2020.

-        The Distributional Preferences of Americans, 2013-2016, with Ray Fisman, Boston University, Pamela Jakiela, Williams College, and Silvia Vannutelli, Boston University. Version: Oct 22, 2020.

-        Linking Social and Personal Preferences: Theory and Experiment, with Bill Zame, UCLA, Bertil Tungodden, NHH, Erik Sørensen, NHH, and Alexander Cappelen, NHH). Revise and resubmit Journal of Political Economy. Version: Apr 4, 2020.

-        Rational Illiquidity and Consumption: Theory and Evidence from Income Tax Withholding and Refunds, 2019 (with Michael Gelman, Claremont McKenna, Matthew Shapiro, University of Michigan, and Dan Silverman, ASU). Revise and resubmit American Economic Review. Version: August 26, 2019.