Pranab Bardhan

Recent Books (over the last decade or so)

  1. Scarcity, Conflicts and Cooperation: Essays in Political and Institutional Economics of Development (MIT Press, 2005).
  2. Inequality, Cooperation, and Environmental Sustainability, co-edited with Jean-Marie Baland and Samuel Bowles, Princeton University Press, 2006.
  3. International Trade, Growth and Development, Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, UK, 2003.
  4. Poverty, Agrarian Structure, and Political Economy in India, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2003.
  5. Globalization and Egalitarian Redistribution, coedited with Samuel Bowles and Michael Wallerstein, Princeton University Press, 2006.
  6. Decentralization to Local Governments in Developing Countries: A Comparative Perspective, coedited with Dilip Mookherjee, MIT Press, 2006.
  7. The Contested Commons: Conversations between Economists and Anthropologists, co-edited with Isha Ray, Blackwell Publishers, 2008.
  8. Awakening Giants, Feet of Clay: Assessing the Economic Rise of China and India, Princeton University Press, 2010 (paperback, Fall 2012)
    Chapter 1 Introduction: The Myths Floating around the Giants
    Chapter 2 Economic Reform and Growth: Differing Patterns and Institutions
    Chapter 3 Agriculture: Still the Most Crowded Sector
    Chapter 4 Infrastructure: The Dazzling Difference
    Chapter 5 High Savings, Low Financial Intermediation
    Chapter 6 The Pattern of Burgeoning Capitalism
    Chapter 7 Poverty and Inequality: How is the Growth Shared?
    Chapter 8 The Social Sector: The Relevance of the Socialist Legacy
    Chapter 9 Environment: The Alarming Signs
    Chapter 10 Looking to the Future: Through the Lens of Political Economy
  9. Smriti-Kanduyan (Memory Scratching), Ananda Publishers, 2013 (In Bengali)
  10. Globalisation, Democracy and Corruption: An Indian Perspective, Frontpage Publications, 2015
  11. Poverty and Income Distribution in India (coedited with A. Banerjee, R. Somanathan and T.N. Srinivasan), Juggernaut, Delhi, 2017

    A. Political Economy and Governance

  1. "Clientelist Politics and Economic Development: An Overview (with D. Mookherjee), May 2017
  2. "Resource Transfers to Local Governments: Political Manipulation and Voting Pattern in West Bengal" (with S. Mitra, D. Mookherjee, and A. Nath), November 2015
  3. "State and Economic Development: The Need for a Reappraisal of the Current Literature", Journal of Economic Literature, September 2016
  4. "Reflections on Indian Political Economy", Economic and Political Weekly, May 2, 2015
  5. "Democratic Development in India: Reflections on Problems and Prospects" in O.Tornquist and J. Harriss (eds.), Reinventing Social Democratic Development, NIAS Press, 2016.
  6. "Capitalist Dynamics and the Plutocrats" (a review of Piketty), Economic and Political Weekly, June 21, 2014
  7. "Political Clientelism- cum-Capture: Theory and Evidence from West Bengal", August 2012.
  8. "Inequality, Inefficiency, and the Challenges for Social Democracy in India's Economic Transition", In S. Khilnani And M. Malhoutra (Eds.), An Indian Social Democracy, Academic Foundation, New Delhi, 2013 (a shorter version published in the Economic and Political Weekly, March 2011)
  9. "Corruption: A Policy Perspective", Journal of Public Economic Theory, September 2014
  10. "Corruption In India: When Preaching Piety Is Not Enough", Lecture 2013
  11. "Understanding Voting Patterns in Rural West Bengal: Role of Clientelism and Local Public Goods", December 2013, (with S. Mitra, D. Mookherjee, and A. Nath), published in Economic and Political Weekly, March 15, 2014
  12. "Democracy and Development in India: A Comparative Perspective", keynote lecture given at Sixty Years of Indian Democracy Conference at Brown University, May 2010.
  13. "Notes on the Political Economy of India's Tortuous Transition", Economic and Political Weekly, December 5, 2009.
  14. "Impact of Political Reservations in West Bengal's Local Governments" on Journal of Globalization and Development, January 2010.
  15. "Local Democracy and Clientelism: Implications for Political Stability in Rural West Bengal"(jointly with S. Mitra, D. Mookherjee and A. Sarkar), Economic and Political Weekly, February 2009.
  16. "Distributive Conflicts and Indian Economic Policy: Some Notes on Political Economy" in C. Ghate (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Economy, Oxford University Press, 2011.
  17. "Resistance to Economic Reforms in India", YaleGlobal Online, October 2006
  18. "Governance Matters in Economic Reforms in India", slides of Brookings/NCAER Public Lecture in New Delhi, July 2006
  19. "The Economist's Approach to the Problem of Corruption", World Development February 2006.
  20. "Determinants of Redistributive Politics: An Empirical Analysis of Land Reforms in West Bengal, India", American Economic Review, September 2010.
  21. "Opposition to Market Reforms", Economic and Political Weekly, November 26, 2005.
  22. "Law and Development", in A.K. Dutt and J. Ros (eds.), International Handbook of Development Economics, vol. II, Elgar.
  23. "Political Economy of India", in K. Basu (ed.), The Oxford Companion to Economics in India, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2006.
  24. "Decentralization, Corruption and Government Accountability: An Overview", in Susan Rose-Ackerman (ed.), Handbook of Economic Corruption, Edward Elgar Publishing (jointly with Dilip Mookherjee), 2006.
  25. "Democracy and Distributive Politics in India,"in I. Shapiro, P. Swenson and D. Donno (eds.), Divide and Deal: The Politics of Distribution in Democracies, New York University Press, 2008.
  26. "Political Competition in Economic Perspective" (with Tsung-Tao Yang) , Economics Dept. Working Paper, Berkeley, July 2004.
  27. "The Politics of Economic Reform in India," [~124k pdf] in P. Bardhan, Poverty, Agrarian Structure, and Political Economy in India, Oxford University Press, New Delhi. 2003.
  28. "Relative Capture of Local and Central Governments," with Dilip Mookherjee, [~217k pdf], plus figures 1-3 [26k]; CIDER Working Paper C99-109 (November 1999). A shorter version of the paper has been published in American Economic Review, May 2000.
  29. "Democracy and Development: A Complex Relationship", [~57k pdf] , in I. Shapiro and C. Hacker-Cordon (eds.), Democracy's Values, Cambridge University Press, 1999.

    B. Institutional Economics

  30. "Institutions, Trade, and Economic Development", paper for UNCTAD, Geneva, August 2006
  31. "Institutional Economics of Development: Some General Reflections," Opening Lecture at CESifo/BREAD conference on Institutional Economics at San Servolo, Italy, July 2006, now published in T. Besley and R. Jayaraman (eds.), Institutional Microeconomics of Development, MIT Press, 2010.
  32. "Institutions and Development", in David Clark (ed.), Elgar Companion to Development Studies, Elgar, 2006.
  33. "Institutions Matter, but Which Ones?" in a symposium on Institutions edited by Abhijit Banerjee and Maitreesh Ghatak, Economics of Transition, July, 2005.
  34. "Institutional Economics of Development, slides of LACEA Plenary Lecture," October 2007
  35. C. Globalization

  36. "Middleman Margins and Globalization", (with D. Mookherjee and M. Tsumagari), in American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, November 2013
  37. "Reflections on some Under-researched Issues in Trade and Development", keynote lecture given to IGC Trade group at Columbia University (revised in April 2011).
  38. "Does Globalization Help or Hurt the World's Poor?", Scientific American, April 2006.
  39. "Globalization and Rural Poverty", World Development, August 2006.
  40. "Globalization, Inequality, and Poverty: An Overview "[~251k pdf] (May 2005).
  41. "The Impact of Globalization on the Poor", in S. Collins and C. Graham (eds.), Brookings Trade Forum 2004, Brookings Institution.
  42. "Social Justice in the Global Economy,"[~128k pdf] September 2000, (first delivered as ILO's Nobel Peace Prize Lecture in Cape Town, South Africa), now published by ILO, Geneva, 2000.
  43. Poverty and Inequality in China and India: Elusive Link with Globalisation Economic and Political Weekly, September 2007
  44. D. Decentralization

  45. "Decentralization and Development: Dilemmas, Trade-offs and Safeguards" (With Dilip Mookherjee), in E. Ahmad and G. Brosio (Eds.), Handbook of Multi-Level Finance, Elgar, 2015
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  50. "Decentralization and Governance in Development" [~291k pdf] in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, fall 2002.

    E. Collective Action

  51. with Maitreesh Ghatak, and Alex Karaivanov, "Wealth Inequality and Collective Action," [~497k pdf] Journal of Public Economics, September 2007
  52. "Inequality, Coalitions and Collective Action" (with Nirvikar Singh), Economics Dept. Working Paper, Berkeley, April 2005.
  53. with Jeff Dayton-Johnson, "Unequal Irrigators: Heterogeneity and Commons Management in Large-Scale Multivariate Research,"[~222k pdf] in National Research Council. The Drama of the Commons, National Academy Press, Washington, DC, 2002.
  54. with Jeff Dayton-Johnson, "Inequality and Conservation on the Local Commons: A Theoretical Exercise" [~330k pdf] (August 1999); plus Figure 1 [~16k pdf], in The Economic Journal (July 2002).
  55. "Water Community: An Empirical Analysis of Cooperation on Irrigation in South India", [~57k pdf] June 1999, in M. Aoki and Y. Hayami (eds.), Community and Market in Economic Development, 2001.

    F. China-India

  56. "China and India: The Pattern of Recent Growth and Governance in a Comparative Political Economy Perspective", in S. Fan, R. Kanbur, S.J. Wei and X. Zhang (Eds.), Oxford China Companion, Oxford University Press, 2014.
  57. "State and Capital in Chinese and Indian Economic Development", 2013, Lecture
  58. "Awakening Giants, Feet of Clay: A China-India Comparative Economic Assessment", public lecture given at the World Bank in September 2010.
  59. "Awakening Giants, Feet of Clay: A Brief Assessment of the Rise of China and India", Journal of South Asian Development, April 2006.
  60. What Makes a Miracle: Some Myths about the Rise of China and India Boston Review January/February 2008.
  61. "Economic Reforms, Poverty and Inequality in China and India" , in K. Basu and R Kanvur (eds.), Arguments for a Better World: Essays in Honor of Amartya Sen, Vol II, Oxford University Press 2008.
  62. "The State of Health Services in China and India in a Larger Context", in Health Affairs, July/August 2008
  63. "India and China: Governance Issues and Development", Journal of Asian Studies, May 2009

  64. G. Others

  65. "Ineqality and Economic Performance", Items, SSRC, New York, 2016
  66. "Evolution of Land Distribution in West Bengal 1967-2004: Role of Land Reform" (with M.Luca, D. Mookherjee and F. Pino), Journal of Development Economics, 2014
  67. "Land Acquisition: Currently A Major Stumbling Block for Development Policy", April 2011, Development Outreach, World Bank.
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  77. "The State of Indian Economic Statistics: Data Quantity and Quality Issues", Lecture, 2013
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  79. "Journal Publication in Economics: A View from the Periphery," [~18k pdf], Economic Journal, June 2003.
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  83. H. Selected Op-Ed Pieces

  84. "Capitalism: One Size Does not Suit All", Yale Global Online, December 2006
  85. "Questioning Milton Friedman's Free Market and Freedom", Yale Global Online, January 2007
  86. "The Virulence of Asian Nationalism", Yale Global Online, April 2008.
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