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Economics 210c/236a Monetary History
Topics in American Economic History/Aggregate Economics

Fall 2008

Lecture: W 10-12P, 639 Evans

Instructor: Professor Christina Romer
Office: 681 Evans
E-mail: cromer@econ.berkeley.edu
Office Hours: M 11-12, W 2-3

Instructor: Professor David Romer
Office: 679 Evans
Email: dromer@econ.berkeley.edu
Office Hours: M 1-2, W 2-3




Course Information and Requirements


Paper Requirement


Supplemental Reading Lists

9/3/08 Vector Autoregressions

9/10/08 Narrative Evidence and Natural Experiments

9/17/08 Monetary Policy and Interest Rates

9/24/08 The Credit Channel

10/1/08 Inflation Inertia

10/8/08 Effects of Fiscal Policy

10/15/08 Financial Panics

10/22/08 The Great Depression

10/29/08 The Recovery from the Great Depression

11/19/08 Origins of the Great Inflation

12/3/08 Determinants of Postwar Monetary Policy