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ECON 242

Seminar in Econometrics
Spring 2004
Instructor: James L. Powell

Schedule: Thursday 4-6 pm, 608-7 Evans (* except where noted)
Sept 2 Organizational Meeting
September 9 Moshe Buchinsky, University of California, Los Angeles
  "How Large are the Classification Errors in the Social Security Disability Award Process?"
September 16 No Meeting (* Joint with Departmental Seminar, Sept. 22)
September 23 David Harris, University of Melbourne
  "Panel Stationarity Tests for Purchasing Power Parity with Cross-sectional Dependence"
September 30 Whitney Newey, MIT
  "Many Instruments, Weak Instruments, and Microeconometric Practice" and "Many Weak Moment Asymptotics for the Continuously Updated GMM Estimator"
October 7 Andrew Patton, London School of Economics
  "Testable Implications of Forecast Optimality"
October 14 No Meeting (* Joint with Departmental Seminar, Oct. 20)
October 21 Andres Aradillas-Lopez, University of California, Berkeley
  "Semiparametric Estimation of a Simultaneous Game with Incomplete Information" with mathematical appendix
*October 26 Kenneth Train and Cliff Winston, University of California, Berkeley, and Brookings Institution, "Vehicle Choice Behavior and the Declining Market Share of U.S. Automakers" (* Joint with IO Seminar, Tuesday, 4-6 PM, 608-7 Evans Hall)
October 28 No Meeting (* Joint with IO Seminar, Oct. 26)
November 4 Laura Chioda, University of California, Berkeley
*November 12 Carlos Flores, University of California, Berkeley
  "Estimation of Dose-Response Functions and Optimal Doses with a Continuous Treatment" (* Friday, 2-4pm PM, 608-7 Evans Hall)
November 18 No Meeting (* Joint with Departmental Seminar, Nov. 17)
November 25 Thanksgiving Holiday
December 2 James Powell, University of California, Berkeley
  "Censored Quantile Regression with Endogenous Regressors"
December 9 Patrik Guggenberger, University of California, Los Angeles
  "Subsampling Tests of Parameter Hypotheses and Overidentifying Restrictions with Possible Failure of Identification"

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