Eligibility Policies

Who Can Use the EML:

  • Registered graduate students in the Economics Ph.D. program; continuing but unregistered graduate students in the Economics Ph.D. program who are writing dissertations; faculty in the Economics department; visiting scholars who are sponsored by the Economics department; Economics department staff and research support personnel.

  • Registered students who are currently enrolled in a graduate course that is using the EML. Class accounts are handed out by the instructor in class, and any registered student, graduate or undergraduate, who is currently enrolled in the course may have an EML account for that semester.

  • Others by exception, such as alumni up to two months out from the Ph.D. degree; courtesy accounts for software vendors; system administrators at related facilities; non-departmental research project teams. The EML has specific guidelines governing non-departmental research project accounts that can be obtained on request from the EML manager in 643 Evans Hall.

Any graduate, staff, or faculty user may use the workstations in 616 Evans Hall on a twenty-four hour basis, provided you have a security card key to let you into the building during non-working hours.