Network Volumes Access

The EML allows users to “mount” their home directories onto their personal computers so that they appear as a volume or “hard drive” on their desktop. Due to security restrictions, this is only available within the EML networks. It is possible, however, to use an SSH tunnel to secure the connection from any network address.

Configuring PuTTY with port forwarding

  • Start PuTTY and create a new session or load your existing session for logging in.
  • Expand the Connection->SSH menu option in the Category tree-list and select Tunnels.
  • Add a new forwarded port:
  • For the Source port, fill in the IP address of your loopback adapter, plus the port 44445 (NOT 445!). The entry field might seem to small for it, but it will work. If you have configured your loopback adapter exactly as in the previous section, then fill in
  • For the Destination, fill in
  • Click on Add.

Map the network drive

  • Start Windows Explorer and right-click on Computer and select “Map Network Drive”
  • In the next screen, choose an available drive letter.
  • Type in as the Folder name: \\>
  • Check of Reconnect on Logon and Connect Using Different credentials
  • In the next screen, select “Use Another Account”
  • For the User name, fill in the eml_username
  • For the Password, fill in your EML samba password and press OK.
  • Click on Finish to complete the network drive mapping.

For Macs

  1. Disable Windows file sharing in the Sharing section of System Preferences.
  2. Follow the SSH tunnel instructions, making sure to use the ports for SMB traffic.
  3. Connect to smb://localhost/USERNAME (via the Finder’s Go > Connect to Server). For you web area, use slash www instead of slash USERNAME.
  4. When prompted, enter your EML username and your EML “PC password” (which may or may not be the same as your UNIX password).

If you have not yet set a PC password, contact .