Computer Lab Rules

Observe the following rules while in the computer labs:

  1. No food or drinks are allowed.

  2. No smoking is permitted.

  3. If you need to talk to others - talk quietly.

  4. Observe room hours. Be prepared to leave before the room is scheduled to close.

  5. Keep your work area clean - No writing on desks or terminals.

  6. Please report any problems to the TA and/or send mail to “trouble”.

  7. Do not leave the room with a terminal or workstation logged in for more than 10 minutes. Leave a note on the terminal if you leave the room.

  8. Do not sit in front of a terminal/workstation if you are not using it.

  9. Do not move any workstation or terminal. You can adjust the angle of the monitor but do not move/relocate the base of the unit.

  10. Do not turn off the power to any piece of equipment. Refer to item #6.