• Compute
  • File storage
  • Backups and data recovery
  • Database
  • Statistical and system applications and utilities
  • Printing
  • Server room UPS and AC


  • Management of two computer labs (616 and 614)
  • Management of faculty workstations and printers
  • Immediate response to troubleshooting requests for hardware and software applications
  • Email, phone, and in person technical support

Network and Security

  • Management of network infrastructure (105 subnet)
  • Firewall
  • Globus

Consulting and Training

  • Comprehensive and proactive technical troubleshooting and end user consulting for the entire installed applications software base
  • Open and approachable personal application consulting (SCF/EML systems staff) and access to a professional statistical consultant (Chris Paciorek)
  • Customized online documentation

Software/Application Support

  • Support for widely used data analysis, statistical, database, and development software, e.g. Python, R, SQL, Matlab, Stata, Maple, Gauss, SAS, StatTransfer)
  • Support for many compilers and interpreters, C and Fortran, Perl, Python, PHP, and the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) library
  • Support for TeX/LaTeX
  • Statistical dataset conversion
  • Connectivity from personal computers, e.g. Samba, Exceed, SSH, SFTP, SCP, VNC, and RDP


  • Maintenance of a large Library reserve collection of books and manuals for supported applications software
  • Handling of sensitive data, e.g. clearances for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Health and Retirement Survey, State of California Employment Development Department
  • Extensive data archives, where datasets are cleaned and documented, and accompanied by technical references, sample programs, and sample output, e.g., CPS, CEX, Census
  • Data storage and backup of large datasets, both public access and restricted, for use on the production server and for webenabled downloads


  • Personal accounts for students, faculty and staff
  • Graduate class accounts for Econ courses
  • Research project accounts that are shared by multiple users
  • No financial charges for CPU usage, file storage, or data recovery


  • Personal webpage hosting for faculty
  • Dissemination information regarding current findings on computationally intensive econometrics through conferences, symposia, short course programs, seminars and workshops funded by federal and private sector agencies.