X2Go provides fast and secure graphical access to an EML desktop with support for copy and paste between the local and remote computers.


There are clients for both Mac and Windows. If you have a Mac, make sure you have Xquartz installed.


Launch the application and create a new session. The following settings override the default values:

  • Session
    1. Session name: Your Favorite Machine
    2. Host: machine-name.berkeley.edu
    3. Login: YOUR EML LOGIN
    4. Enable “Try auto login (ssh-agent or default ssh key)” if you use ssh-agent to connect to the EML without your password. If you do not enable this you will be prompted to enter your EML password when connecting.
    5. Session type: XFCE
  • Input/Output
    1. Custom: 1024x768 (or whatever you desire)
    2. Set display DPI: 100
  • Media
    1. Disable “Enable sound support
    2. Disable “Client side printing support