1. Generate an SSH key pair
  2. Open Putty
  3. On the Host Name, type in an EML hostname 
  4. Under the Connection - “SSH” (on the left menu), click on “Auth”. On the field ““Private key file for authentication”, click on Browse. Look for the private key file that you had saved (ends with .ppk). Find and select “Open” in the file window.
  5. On the left menu, click Session and type a name for the session and hit “Save” button.
  6. On the bottom, click “Open”. Login in with the project account username and type the passphrase.

Using WinSCP

  1. Generate an SSH key pair, and have the project account administrator install the private key into the account.
  2. Open WinSCP. Under Hostname, type in an EML hostname
  3. Under Username, type in project account username
  4. Click on Advanced
  5. Click on Authentication (under SSH)
  6. Under the section Authentication parameters, Private key file, click on the icon with three dots to browse for the private key file that you saved.
  7. Click Ok.
  8. Click on Login
  9. You should be asked for the passphrase you used when you generated the key pair.