Restrictions and Limitations

EML student accounts are issued only to students who are currently registered with the University of California at Berkeley, and all accounts are subject to approval. An account is issued to a specific individual who is responsible for all activity within his/her account and who agrees not to allow any other individual to access his/her account. EML policies apply to all accounts, and acceptance of an account implies acknowledgement and acceptance of all EML policies. An EML account is a privilege and as such can be revoked if misused. Any graduate student who receives a degree from the Department of Economics is eligible for an “alumni” account, a one-year extension of his/her student account upon graduation. Alumni accounts require the sponsorship of a faculty member within the Department of Economics.

Accounts that are issued to students, alumni, guests, and visitors will be closed on January 1 and July 1 of each year. ONLY accounts belonging to currently registered Economics graduate students will remain open beyond that date. Individuals having other accounts must apply for an extension. No extensions are granted for class accounts.

Class accounts will be removed after 3PM of the first Monday after final exams of the semester for which they were assigned. Be sure to make any arrangements for permanent or backup storage of your class account files before the accounts are closed. There will be a $20 fee (plus the cost of media) for recovering files from accounts that have been closed. Upon request, mail messages can be forwarded to another account for up to 60 days after an account has been closed. (This does not apply to class accounts.)

All user accounts have disk use quotas which impose an absolute limit on the amount of disk space the account may consume. For more information, see “What is my disk quota?”. User accounts are also subject to periodic purging of certain files. 

Be warned that abuse of any account on any EML UNIX system (or any other computer system) may lead to termination of that account and suspension of all EML system privileges for the offender. “Abuse of an account” includes, but is not limited to: repeated failure to follow posted rules for use of terminal rooms; playing of games; unauthorized attempts to access accounts, files, or system resources not one’s own; malicious mischief of any sort; and failure to cooperate with requests of the System Staff regarding use of system resources. Files under accounts are not personal property; as such the EML reserves the right to review, modify, or delete any file or terminate any activity that may interfere with the operations or security of the EML.

Please refer to our email guidelines for policy information on electronic email privacy.