Production Economics: A Dual Approach to Theory and Applications
Volume II: Applications of the Theory of Production

Melvyn Fuss and Daniel L. McFadden, Editors
Amsterdam: North-Holland, 1978

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Front Material [ front_matter2.pdf, 0.6MB] or [, 1.8MB]
  • Introduction to the Series
  • Preface
  • Table of Contents, Volumes I and II
  • Introduction


  1. Duality, Intermediate Inputs and Value-Added, Michael Bruno [ ch8.pdf, 0.5MB] or [, 1.5MB]
  2. Hick's Aggregation Theorem and the Existence of a Real Value Added Function, W. Erwin Diewart [ ch9.pdf, 1.4MB] or [, 4.8MB]
  3. Homotheticity and Real Value-Added in Canadian Manufacturing, Michael Denny and J. Douglas May [ ch10.pdf, 0.6MB] or [, 2.0MB]
  4. Estimation Techniques for the Elasticity of Substitution and Other Production Parameters, Daniel McFadden [ ch11.pdf, 1.8MB] or [, 6.1MB]
  5. Measurement of the Elasticity of Factor Substitution and Bias of Technical Change, Peter Diamond, Daniel McFadden and Miguel Rodriguez [ ch12.pdf, 0.8MB] or [, 2.7MB]
  6. The Identification of Technical Change in the Electricity Generating Industry, Alexander Belinfante [ ch13.pdf, 1.6MB] or [, 5.4MB]
  7. Factor Substitution in Electricity Generation: A Test of the Putty-Clay Hypothesis, Melvyn Fuss [ ch14.pdf, 1.0MB] or [, 3.5MB]
  8. The Effectiveness of Rate-of-Return Regulation: An Empirical Test Using Profit Functions , Thomas G. Cowing [ ch15.pdf, 1.4MB] or [, 4.6]
  9. An Aggregate Model with Multi-Product Technologies, Michael Denny and Cheryl Pinto [ ch16.pdf, 0.7MB] or [, 2.1MB]
  10. Factor Substitution in the Interindustry Model and the Use of Inconsistent Aggregation, Petter Frenger [ ch17.pdf, 1.4MB] or [, 4.5MB]

Bibliography [ bib2.pdf, 0.79MB] or [, 2.5MB]

Author and Subject Indexes [ index2.pdf, 0.4MB] or [, 1.3MB]

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