Benjamin Schoefer

Benjamin Schoefer

Associate Professor (with tenure)
Department of Economics, UC Berkeley

Associate Editor, Journal of Monetary Economics

NBER Research Associate
(Economic Fluctuations & Growth, Monetary, Public, Labor), CEPR Research Affiliate (Monetary Economics and Fluctuations, Labour, Public), IZA Research Fellow, CESifo Affiliate Member, IWH Halle Research Fellow (Senior Researcher)


Twitter account (occasional news about my research)




Job Market Candidates 2022/23

I am supporting (writing letters for) two excellent job market candidates in 2022/23.
In alphabetical order, they are:

Pauline Carry
CREST (ENSAE - Ecole Polytechnique)
Fields: labor and macro
Job market paper: "The Effects of the Legal Minimum Working Time on Workers, Firms and the Labor Market"

Vitaliia Yaremko
UC Berkeley
Fields: macro, labor, comparative, political economics
Job market paper: "The Long-Term Consequences of Blacklisting: Evidence From the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33"

Please email me for any questions.

Research Papers

The Financial Channel of Wage Rigidity
Working paper, April 2022
(substantially revised update of previous version, the 2015 dissertation chapter)
Marginal Revolution summary, Slides

Voice at Work
American Economic Journal: Applied, Revise and Resubmit, Jarkko Harju and Simon Jäger
VOX summary, Slides

Worker Beliefs About Outside Options
Quarterly Journal of Economics, Conditionally Accepted, with Simon Jäger, Christopher Roth and Nina Roussille
Slides, EconImate Video Summary

Reservation Raises: The Aggregate Labor Supply Curve at the Extensive Margin
Review of Economic Studies, Accepted, with Preston Mui
Slides (outdated)

A Congestion Theory of Unemployment Fluctuations
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, Forthcoming, with Yusuf Mercan and Petr Sedlacek
Publication Slides

Productivity, Place, and Plants
Review of Economics and Statistics, Forthcoming, with Oren Ziv
Publication, Slides (NBER Summer Institute)

The German Model of Industrial Relations: Balancing Flexibility and Collective Action
Journal of Economic Perspectives, 36(4), 2022, with Simon Jäger and Shakked Noy

Marginal Jobs and Job Surplus: A Test of the Efficiency of Separations
Review of Economic Studies, Forthcoming, with Simon Jäger and Josef Zweimüller
Publication, Slides, VOX summary

What Does Codetermination Do?
ILR Review, 75(4), 2022, with Shakked Noy and Simon Jäger
Publication, Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance Summary

Paying Outsourced Labor: Direct Evidence from Linked Temp Agency-Worker-Client Data
Review of Economics and Statistics, 105(1), 2023, 206-216 with Andres Drenik, Simon Jäger and Pascuel Plotkin
Publication, VOX summary

Hysteresis from Employer Subsidies
Journal of Public Economics, 200, 2021, 104459, with Emmanuel Saez and David Seim

Labor in the Boardroom
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 136(2), 2021, 669-725, Editor's Choice (lead article), with Simon Jäger and Joerg Heining
Publication, VOX summary, NBER Digest February 2020, Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance Summary, IZA Newsroom Summary, EconImate Video Summary

Wages and the Value of Nonemployment
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 135(4), 2020, 1905-1963, with Simon Jäger, Samuel Young and Josef Zweimüller
Publication, Slides

Jobs and Matches: Quits, Replacement Hiring, and Vacancy Chains
American Economic Review: Insights, 2(1), 2020, 101-124, with Yusuf Mercan
Publication, Slides

Payroll Taxes, Firm Behavior, and Rent Sharing: Evidence from a Young Workers' Tax Cut in Sweden
American Economic Review 109(5), 2019, 1717-1763, with Emmanuel Saez and David Seim
Publication, Online Appendix, Slides, Older and Longer NBER WP Version, VOX summary

Regulation and Taxation: A Complementarity
Journal of Comparative Economics 38.4 (2010): 381-94 (Undergraduate Thesis)


Policy Papers and Other Writing

Codetermination and Power in the Workplace
Journal of Law and Political Economy 3.1 (2022), with Simon Jäger and Shakked Noy
Publication, Economic Policy Institute: Unequal Power Project

Equitable Wage Growth: Macroeconomic Perspectives
Invited book chapter, in: "Boosting Wages for U.S. Workers in the New Economy" (Washington Center for Equitable Growth/US Berkeley Institute for Research on Labor and Employment 2021 Essay Series) 
Web version, Complete book (PDF) Complete book (web version)

Employment Adjustment and COVID: Some Thoughts on Theory and Reality
Invited short talk connecting academic and policy perspectives
CEPR-IZA-OECD Workshop: Employment Support Strategies during COVID-19 October 15, 2020


Econ 202B: Macroeconomic Theory (mandatory first-year PhD course)
Econ 101B: Intermediate Macroeconomics (Math Intensive/Honors Track)
Econ 191: Topics in Economic Research
[Econ 236B: Macroeconomics (second-year field course) (not currently)]
Econ 237: Macroeconomics Research Seminar


My side project: I run the German Economic Policy Roundtable (Wirtschaftspolitik-Diskussionsrunde). Most members are academics, policy practitioners, journalists, think tank researchers. (German) Twitter link for sign-up instructions here.