University of California, Berkeley

July 27-August 18, 2009
MTuWThF July 27-August 14 1:00-3:00
213 Wheeler
MTuWThF 9:00-10:30
and 10:30-12:00
608-7 Evans
Tuesday, August 18 9:00-12:00 Location TBA

Robert M. Anderson
Office: 583 Evans
Office Hours: MTuWThF 10:00-11:00

Vladimir Asriyan
Hui Zheng
Office Hours:
MTuWThF 3:30-5:00
597 Evans

Department of Economics
University of California, Berkeley
508-1 Evans Hall # 3880
Berkeley, CA 94720-3880

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Last modified: August 2, 2009
Economics 204: Mathematical Tools for Economists

Summer/Fall 2009 July 27-August 18
Instructor: Robert M. Anderson
Professor of Economics and of Mathematics

This material is from the last offering of 204 in summer 2009. Chris Shannon will be teaching the course in 2010. Please refer to her course webpage: 2010 Course Webpage.

2009 Syllabus, revised 7/24/09 to reorder material in Lectures 11 and 12.

2009 Lecture Notes: The slides projected in class use large fonts for visibility, and largely ignore page breaks, to permit easy scrolling back and forth. These notes are verbatim copies of the slides, using smaller fonts and wider spacing; you are encouraged to print these in advance and use the space to take notes in class. The page breaks in the two sets are aligned.

2009 Section Notes:

2009 Handouts:

2009 Problem Sets:

2009 List of Theorems for Final Exam: You will be asked to state and prove one of the theorems on this list on the final exam.

Previous Exams: